I’m working all the time.

Even when I go out it’s work.

Even when I drink it’s work.

You still don’t understand what it takes.

My burning desire to reach my goals.

Only leaders will understand.

It’s laughable.

I can’t explain it.

When you’re in my position.

You see other people.

Make excuse after excuse.

“why isn’t it working?”

“Why isn’t my life where I want it to be?”

That’s what they ask.

Every moment of their lives.

Then you’ll see.


I see it all the time

There’s only one answer.


What do you want in life?

How much of your life is dedicated to the one burning desire?

You should already start to see glimmers

You look down on other people and go

“Haha he’s dumb”

From your “lofty” position.

And you laugh.

That feeling of seeing other people.

With no direction.

Then, put yourself in the shoes of your superiors.

And think about what they feel about you.

And see how quickly life can change with a higher perspective.

I know what I’m doing.

You can never change me.

You can never seek to influence me with your cheap ass ways.

I haven’t been thru it all, but I’ve been thru more than most at my age.

I’ve seen the light and nothing will deter me from it.

That’s how it is, and that’s the way it’s going to be til the day I die.

Nothing can change it.

If I have to start over I’ll do it.

If I have to lose everything I’ll achieve it.

You don’t understand yet.

But I don’t blame you, few do.

I spent 25k in the past month on watches and clubs.

But I took nothing for myself.

People only see things from their perspective.

If you reap the benefits.

You pay the price.

It’s quite simple.

I want the benefits.

I pay the price.

I never stop.

I want it all.

I will pay.

You want to reap the benefits.

Without paying the price.

That don’t work.

Simple as that.


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