When I wake up, the first thought in my head is… what?  The transition from sleep/dreams to waking has always interested me.  My bet is that the first thought in your head when you wake up is something along the lines of ” I need to pee ” or, ” I want more sleep “.

The first thought when you wake up is, what then?  Some sort of desire, usually physical.  We are physical beings after all.

At our animal core, if we want something, if we desire something, our body/mind/soul trinity works seamlessly for it to happen.  If my body/mind/soul desires sleep in that first moment of waking, I turn off the alarm and sleep for 30 more minutes.

Desire into Action into Result.

Notice, our first thought in the morning is never “oh I can’t do it”, “what if I fail”, “it’s that person’s fault”.

Our minds are so clean in the morning, aren’t they?  Only throughout the day, during breakfast, watching TV, your day within society do we start getting negative thoughts, and thus negative energy.

My affiliate marketing team has negative thoughts, and during tough times, negative energy. This is our #1 reason why we aren’t the greatest damn affiliate marketing team in the world.  Everything comes down to one thing: mindset.

I just recently started a totally new project.  And my partner in this project is a good friend of mine.  But until we started working together, I didn’t realize that he possessed negative energy.

Negative energy is not just a setback.  It’s a poison.  It will move from your partner, friend, husband, wife, family member, and it will infect you.  It is the worst infection in the world.  It’s a more destructive virus than HIV.  It will kill you.

So I will expose myself no longer to this negative energy.  It’s time to make some cuts.

And on the other hand, positive energy is the single greatest thing.  It sounds so stupid to write that out, but it’s true.

Positive energy isn’t just optimism.  It’s not just hope.  These are components, but true positive energy is what?

I think it has something to do with faith in people, and faith in yourself.  Ask yourself, are you a good person?

I may do some fucked up things, but deep down inside I believe I’m a good person.  And thus, I believe everyone is good, that humanity is “good” and that the person down the block, at the store, at the vet’s, the car salesman, etc, is not trying to FUCK me.

On the other hand, if you think you’re a bad person, you’re more likely to think that everyone else is out to get you.  That’s because you’re a scheming ass fuck with negative energy :D.

So that’s a pretty good test.

So what does this have to do with affiliate marketing?  This business relies so heavily on your ability to team-build.  And I’m still learning this, I’m still such a total noob, but I’m learning things here and there.  And one of the things I’ve learned is that positive energy on your team is really important, even more important than competence sometimes.

What do you guys think?


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